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Vivatec 360o Toothbrush

The World's First with Patented Technology

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Vivatec toothbrush is co-developed with Osaka Pediatric Dental University.
The highlighted 360-degree toothbrush is specially designed with sole patent technology.
Each bristle layer can be rotated individually to protect gums and tooth from getting hurt when applying too much force during toothbrushing.
The Vivatec 360˚ Toothbrush does not have grooves for bristles like usual toothbrushes, which use copper wire to hold the bristles in place. No survival advantage to germs and bacteria.


Unlike a conventional toothbrush with rubber back, Vivatec toothbrush brush head is all-rounded bristle. It means NO NEED to turn, spin, or twist your wrist as you brush to get those hard to clean areas. Kids or elderly people who are poor in hand coordination can avoid gettig hurt their gums and teeth by the rubber back of a conventinal toothbrush.


Vivatec is the original inventor and manfacturer of 360-degree toothbrush. All toothbrushes are made in Japan. The high quality standard control ensures superior quality of its toothbrush.

Bristles of Vivatec toothbrush are made of DuPont Fibre. The elastic strength is 3 times higher than the Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS). Mircro bristle is soft enough to gently massage gums and tongue for babies and toddlers.


No longer worried about swallowing toothpaste. Vivatec toothbrush has unparalleled cleaning power thanks to over 10,000 micro fine bristles—10 times more than the average toothbrush.

Use just purified water to clean and wet the toothbrush before use. Then to clean small baby's gums and tongue.

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